New Retro Arcade

New Retro Arcade: Neon is coming soon, for more information and to play the demo, check the game out on Steam!


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Who we are

Digital Cybercherries Ltd. is a video game development studio based in the UK. Our interest has always been spent on our community because we believe the fans are an integral part to the creation of the games we make. Continuously pushing ourselves, we strive to make sure what you play is what the gamer loves. Our goal as a company is to be recognised, not only for releasing quality content but also for having a friendly relationship between us the developers and you the players. We consider each member of our team part of the family and we want you to be a part of it too.

James Geoghegan

Production & Quality Assurance

James is here to make sure that the production of our work runs smoothly and efficiently. He also checks that everything is up to quality standard.

Joseph Henson

Community Manager & Public Relations

Joe is your community manager & makes sure the fans are well looked after. If there is a problem, he'll be there to help you.

Josh Lennen

Character Artist

Josh is your character artist and he creates some of the cool looking models that you see/get to play as in-game.

Ulrich Gollick

Audio & Business Development

Ulrich is your audio designer and is in charge of business development. His job is to make sure that every sound you hear in-game is of the highest quality further improving your experience while playing.

Andrew Hielscher

Lead Level Designer

Andrew is your lead level designer and creates the structure of the maps that you play in making sure the game play is always balanced and fun.

Alexej Dyschelmann

UI Designer & Concept Art

Alexej is your UI designer and makes sure the UI graphics are sharp and easy on the eye allowing you to clearly understand what is being shown.

Julian Scherle

Music Composer

Julian is your music composer and designs the music that you bob your head to while playing in-game.

Declan Doyle

Game Design & Technical Supervisor

Dec is your lead programmer whose job is to make sure all the nuts and bolts within the game work accordingly. If there is a problem, he is the man to fix it.

Jenny Costello

Concept Artist

Jenny is your concept artist who thinks of unique visual notions for ideas that we implement into the game.

Artis Lapsins

3D Environmental Art

Artis is your 3D prop artist and helps build the props to populate the magic world of the game.

Robert Tudor

Lead 3D Artist

Robert is your 3D artist and he is responsible for adding all of the props and models you see populate the world of HYPERCHARGE.

Need support?

Contact your Community Manager Joe & he'll do his very best to help you!

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